Belgo-Dutch Coffee Extract Kit

Product Code: Belgo-Dutch Coffee Stout

There is a new maltster in town and they hail from the Netherlands. Coming with them is a wonderful new Coffee malt so naturally we are introducing a new stout. But since this is a new European malt, it can’t be any ordinary stout. We’ve taken some inspiration from their neighbors to the south and threw in a Belgian twist. Utilizing the qualities of Belgian yeast and the coffee malt, this aromatic and flavorful stout is a delightful twist on a beloved style.

6.7 % ABV • SG 1.072 • FG 1.017 • 37 SRM • 43 IBU

• Recipe Includes: Specialty Grains, Malt Extract, Hops, Yeast, Whirlfloc Tablet, Priming Sugar, Bottle Caps and Top Notch Instructions.

• Makes 5 Gallons of Premium Beer

• Basic Five Gallon Starter Equipment Kit required.

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