Cheese Coloring (1 oz)

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Double-strength Cheese Coloring made from Annatto. Use to add a warmer cream color to winters milk or pasteurized commercial milk. Can be used in larger quantities to achieve a strong yellow color. 1 fl oz. bottle Double strength Made from annatto (see more below) Usage Rate: Add 10-15 drops per gallon of milk for a warm cream color. Use 5 to 10 times this amount if a strong yellow color is desired. Ingredients: Annatto extract, water, potassium hydroxide Instructions for Using Cheese Coloring: Please note, most cheese will yellow a bit with age without the addition of coloring, this product should be used if the natural yellowing is not sufficient for your preferences. Be sure to add the coloring before Calcium Chloride and Rennet. Cheese Coloring should always be diluted with soft or distilled water prior to adding it to the milk. Do not allow the coloring to have contact with salts. Additional Details About Annatto: Annatto is the common name for the colorant derived from the seeds of the annatto tree, Bixa orellana. A member of the family Bixaceae, Bixa orellana is native to the American tropics, but has been spread by cultivation to other tropical areas. Annatto has been used as a colorant for foods, cosmetics, medicinal products and textiles. For the past 100 years in Europe and North America, it has been used to color butter, fats and cheese. Today, annatto is used in many food products in addition to dairy products.
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