Water Kefir Grains

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Water kefir grains (WKG) create a carbonated lacto-fermented beverage from sugar water, fruit juice, or coconut water. Incredibly easy to make, water kefir makes a fantastic non-dairy alternative to milk kefir and can be flavored to make a range of delicious beverages, or as an ingredient in many recipes! Water kefir grains can create a new batch of water kefir every 24-48 hours. One packet of grains can culture up to 8 cups of water. Finished water kefir (not grains) may be used to culture non-dairy milks, for a non-dairy milk kefir alternative. This box contains 1 packet of traditional, heirloom-style water kefir grains. Rehydration period of 3-4 days with unchlorinated, unfluoridated water and cane sugar is required before regular use. Cultures on the counter at 68°-85°F. Can be used to culture sugar water, fruit juice, and coconut water. Reusable culture - makes up to 2 quarts water kefir with every batch. Ingredients: Organic sugar, live active cultures This product contains no GMO ingredients. The product keeps: At room temperature (68° to 78°F): 12 to 18 months In the refrigerator (40° to 45°F): 18+ months In the freezer (0° to 25°F): not recommended
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